Is Mississuga Ready for Prime Time?

Their leadership on Uber issue suggests not.

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie wants Mississauga to exit Peel Regional Government and become an independent single-tier municipality. She has a compelling case. 

Toronto’s Uber vote is about more than just ridesharing

Tuesday’s vote at Toronto city council on ridesharing isn’t simply about deciding how to regulate Uber and taxis.

Tuesday’s much-anticipated vote at Toronto city council on ridesharing isn’t simply about deciding how best to regulate Uber and taxis. It will tell us if Toronto sees itself as a modern, confident city that’s willing to adopt new technologies, new businesses and new ways of doing things.

Right-wing councillor hypocrisy on Uber

The Uber debate at Toronto City Hall makes for some very strange bedfellows

The Uber debate at Toronto City Hall makes for some very strange bedfellows — agreement of left- and right-wing city councillors — who are opposed to the popular ride-sharing service.

Bureaucrats need to open eyes to new technology

Apps can help alleviate traffic jams - if politicians let them

“Stop praying ... God’s too busy to find you a parking spot.” It’s the cheeky message printed on a New York City ParkFast billboard above a busy commercial lot in the heart of Manhattan.

Province needs to act now on sharing economy

Competition is the lifeblood of progress. Competition means you try harder.

In the marketplace, competition results in better value for the customer and an incentive to invent new things the customer wants. Technology accelerates positive change.

Taxis, hotels, government: Don't be afraid of a little sharing

Tim Hudak is a Progressive Conservative member of the Ontario Legislature and former leader of the PC Party of Ontario.

As government contemplates how to respond to the disruption caused by Uber and Airbnb, I want to sound a note of caution: Let’s be careful not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

It's time to legalize the 'sharing economy'

It’s time to legalize sharing services like Uber and Airbnb and let people earn from assets

Time and money are precious commodities and most of us don’t have enough of either. Thanks to the arrival of consumer technologies like Uber, Airbnb and Rover, we can have a bit more of both with a tap on our smartphone.

Help Me Write the Bill for the Best Solutions

I want you to help me write phase two of the Bill

In October of 2015 I introduced a Private Member’s Bill to address the gray area in legislation surrounding some aspects of the sharing economy, including ridesharing, homesharing and parking sharing.

Now, I’m working on phase two – a second Private Member’s Bill that will look at cottage food laws, carpooling, crowdfunding and task and skill sharing.

Share your thoughts

I know the ideas for it. I know the problems. But I want you to help me write the Bill for the best solutions. For example, what foods should be allowed to be made and sold from a home kitchen, or how much should you be able to earn as a “tasker” in the sharing economy?

Please complete the Share Your Solutions form to help.

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