Learn More About the Sharing Economy

The Sharing Economy

The Sharing Economy

connects consumers to

sellers so providers can

make extra money.

The Sharing Economy

People who are short on time have the option to obtain paid help for a reasonable fee.

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Your Ride

Carpooling is opening up a

broader network among

commuters while reducing

vehicles on the road.


Riding in the HOV lane saves time and reduces carbon emissions and congestion when cars have more passengers.

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Your Car

Ride-sharing connects

drivers to passengers, in

real time, while reducing

traffic congestion.


Uber is most well-known for providing rides to millions of people per month province-wide through a phone app.

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Your Money

Crowdfunding asks people

to invest in start-up

businesses while providing

investment opportunities.


Crowdfunding allows startup companies the seed money they need to grow and prosper, and in turn, creates jobs.

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Your Skills

Services offered allow for

an online marketplace

matching labour with

labour demand.


Services can include anything from cleaning to yard work and moving help as well as online opportunities such as writing or graphic design.

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Your Kitchen

Cottage food laws lets

people make extra

income from their own


Cottage Food Laws

These laws outline regulations surrounding the foods for sale without having a commercial license.

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Your House

Home-sharing connects

home-owners with people

looking for short-term



Home-sharing connects people who have empty rooms or entire homes with people looking for a place to stay.

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Your Parking Spot

Parking-sharing lets parking

space owners connect to

drivers who are seeking



Parking-Sharing results in lower congestion, and lower levels of emissions and fuel use by connecting people to available parking.

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Why is Parking Sharing Good for Ontario?

While frustrated commuters impatiently await new transit projects, there are practical technology-driven solutions that can make a difference today. Toronto-based entrepreneurs and the parking apps they’ve created — like HonkMobile and Rover — are ready to make your life easier, save you hard-earned dollars, and lessen congestion.

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Is Mississuga Ready for Prime Time? Is Mississuga Ready for Prime Time?

Is Mississuga Ready for Prime Time?

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie wants Mississauga to exit Peel Regional Government and become an independent single-tier municipality. She has a compelling case. 

Toronto’s Uber vote is about more than just ridesharing Toronto’s Uber vote is about more than just ridesharing

Toronto’s Uber vote is about more than just ridesharing

Tuesday’s much-anticipated vote at Toronto city council on ridesharing isn’t simply about deciding how best to regulate Uber and taxis. It will tell us if Toronto sees itself as a modern, confident city...
Help Me Write the Bill for the Best Solutions

I want you to help me write phase two of the Bill

In October of 2015 I introduced a Private Member’s Bill to address the gray area in legislation surrounding some aspects of the sharing economy, including ridesharing, homesharing and parking sharing.

Now, I’m working on phase two – a second Private Member’s Bill that will look at cottage food laws, carpooling, crowdfunding and task and skill sharing.

Share your thoughts

I know the ideas for it. I know the problems. But I want you to help me write the Bill for the best solutions. For example, what foods should be allowed to be made and sold from a home kitchen, or how much should you be able to earn as a “tasker” in the sharing economy?

Please complete the Share Your Solutions form to help.

  • Share Your Solutions

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Recent Events

October 29, 2015

Opportunity in the Sharing Economy Act passes second reading with a vote of 32 to 9, receiving support from both the PC Party and the Liberal Party.

November 9, 2015

MPP Tim Hudak calls on House Leader Yasir Naqvi and Finance Minister Charles Sousa to begin discussion of the Act at the Finance Committee level.

November 12, 2015

Uber introduces UberX in Niagara as part of a multi-city expansion of services in Ontario, demonstrating a clear need for provincial legislation on the sharing economy.

Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016

Aviva Insurance announces a new insurance policy, which could be added to existing personal policies, that will cover drivers who work for sharing economy apps such as Uber. Aviva said the policy is also designed to cover other services that might pop up in the future.

Tuesday, Feb 9, 2016

Glenn Carter, The Casual Capitalist, releases his second book on the Sharing Economy – Secrets of the Sharing Economy Part 2, with forward by MPP Tim Hudak.


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We believe that you should be free to rent out your home, car and driveway for extra income in today's tough economy.

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